Even though our breed is not yet recognized with the American Kennel Club, we are recognized with several other organizations where you can participate in events with your White Swiss Shepherd.

United Kennel Club is an all breed dog registry founded in 1898. They offer a large selection of events, such as agility, nose work, rally obedience, lure coursing, weight pull, dock jumping, and of course conformation. The UKC registers White Shepherds, which they consider to be the same breed as the White Swiss Shepherd dog. For registering a WSSD with UKC, you will use the single registration process.

The International All Breed Canine Association is not a registry per se, but you do need to register with them in order to earn titles in their conformation events. IABCA shows give feed back in the form of a written critique. Dogs can earn National and International titles and dogs are judged against the FCI WSSD breed standard. The IABCA events calendar will show you when and where they have shows.