There are several scenarios where you will need to register a dog with the organization Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico (FCPR). This organization is a full FCI member, and is where breeds that are not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) are registered. It is a legitimate registry and FCPR registrations that include the FCI stamp are accepted worldwide in all other FCI affiliated organizations.

To register your imported White Swiss Shepherd, you will follow the FCPR Foreign Registration process. Fill out the form and send it along with your original 3 generation FCI pedigree to FCPR. FCPR will stamp your original export pedigree and return it to you along with your Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico registration certificate.

To effect a transfer of ownership, for example from a breeder to a puppy buyer, follow the Puppy Registration process. Note: there is a separate process if you need to change the registered name. Be sure that if you change the name, that you are still in compliance with your breeder’s contract.

To register your litter, where the sire and dam are already registered with FCPR you will follow the Litter Registration process.

If your dog is not registered with an FCI affiliate at all, and you believe your dog meets the FCI White Swiss Shepherd breed standard please Email: for assistance to begin the initial “certificate of Racial Purity” process in which the Federacion Canofila Puerto Rico has allowed our breed to now participate. We can assist you with this process and FCPR has generously allowed our participation to assist dog owners in getting started. This process will track that initial dog entered into the program, and then their progeny through three generations of offspring, by which time that 3rd generation of dogs will have a full 3 generation pedigree of tracked dogs, which qualify that final generation to become a part of the official studbook for the FCI White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Different FCI countries may handle racial purity processes in a different way, but this is how Puerto Rico process dogs without proof of pure breed.

The Racial Purity process with FCI exists to ensure that new lines can eventually earn entrance into any given dog breed, and ensure the future of the breed through the addition of diversity/gene pool. This program is not special to the White Swiss Shepherd.
Dogs that are working through the CPR process are fully encouraged to, and are eligible to, participate in White Swiss Shepherd Club of America events, and FCPR events in Puerto Rico. In fact, most FCI member countries will recognize FCPR’s racial purity papers, however you will want to contact the given country’s kennel club to confirm acceptance prior to export of dogs that are working through a racial purity process. Additionally, in the event that the WSSD should enter AKC’s Foundation Stock Service, AKC already has a protocol for dogs that are working through the racial purity program to continue and become part of the studbook within AKC.