We are actively taking count of all White Swiss Shepherd Dogs in our country. A WSSD owner does not need to have any formal affiliation with this Club to add their dog to our studbook. We gladly accept dogs that are participating in a racial purity program (CPR program), and they will be added as an appendix to the studbook. Dogs that are part of a racial purity program are welcome to participate in WSSCA and Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico events.

To enter your Swiss Shepherd into our studbook, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, if you own several Swiss Shepherds, or have litters that you need to register, you can send us a spreadsheet along with your supporting pedigrees to email: studbook@whiteswissshepherd.org, if that is easier than filling out our form several times. We do require proof of lineage in order to formalize entry, and so we will need an upload of your dog’s 3 generation pedigree with a file name of this format: “FCI registration number”_“dog’s call name”. An example filename is ENCI1383922_natus.pdf. This dog’s FCI registration number is the first half of the filename, underscore, then Natus, as Natus is the dog’s call name. Dogs in our studbook will have the same registration number in our organization as they do with their FCI affiliated registry; so in the case of Natus, his registration number with WSSCA is ENCI1383922. Submit scans of pedigrees and/or registrations to email: studbook@whiteswissshepherd.org It should be noted that after initial registration with us, subsequent generations of dogs that you enter into our studbook do not need to submit a full 3 generation pedigree as we would already have that information on file. Puerto Rico registration certificates will suffice as it includes proof of parentage on the certificate.

If you have any questions or run into problems with the online submission form, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at email: studbook@whiteswissshepherd.org.