Some of the breeders in this club have extensive experience in dog breeding and husbandry practices that is invaluable information for those who are new to the art of breeding and raising puppies. Part of the goal of the White Swiss Shepherd Club of America is to gather enthusiasts together, in a positive coalition for the betterment of the breed. We discourage negativity and unnecessary exclusion of dogs and people, and aim to produce a culture within our organization where people feel free to give and get information to improve their knowledge. The more dogs from the most sources that can be added to our organization, will provide the most choices for mating and producing progeny that maximizes genetic diversity and maintaining/improving the minds and bodies of our dogs.
If you could use help in standing up a breeding program, please contact us. We are here to help and can find an experienced breeder to guide you. email: mentor@whiteswissshepherd.org


If you are an experienced breeder, and wish to offer your services to others, let us know! We would consider an experienced breeder to have whelped 5+ litters, in any medium or large dog breed. Experience with health testing procedures, prenatal care, nutrition, and puppy development is a requirement for mentoring. To become a mentor email: mentor@whiteswissshepherd.org