The White Swiss Shepherd Club of America welcomes all enthusiasts of the White Swiss Shepherd, even if you do not own one. We offer advice, breed information, and camaraderie around the topic of our dogs. From general knowledge to specifics on training and husbandry of this breed, we would like to assist. We can help you get your dog registered, or get your dog’s health clearances handled, or help you start in dog events like conformation, performance, and sports. If you are looking for a mentor, we can help with that, too!

Our organization has many tasks to perform and we could use all of the help we can get. We would welcome assistance from everything to website maintenance, managing the studbook, tabulating health stats, developing avenues of public education, putting on events, or just providing community to other WSSD owners.

We accept anyone for membership that supports our goals of protecting this breed for the long term and working on achieving recognition in the remaining countries that still do not recognize our breed. We track health data, a studbook, and offer guidance and a place for responsible breeders to advertise available studs, or puppies for sale. For those that are looking to purchase a WSSD, as a term of membership our breeders are required to adhere to our code of ethics. Our code requires breeders do applicable health testing, and be honest and transparent in their dealings with clients. We also require all litters of our members to be registered with the current World Canine Organization (FCI) affiliate for our breed, the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico.

As of this time we do not charge a membership fee, but that will likely change once we are through the pandemic and can host events. We are creating an online store, where people can buy White Swiss Shepherd merchandise, and proceeds will go toward maintaining the Club. If you have WSSD dog designs that you wish to donate, to be put on merchandise, we would love to hear from you!

In order to become a member, we just need to gather some information, and for you to read through and agree to our Code of Ethics.