In late 2013, a small group of people organized on behalf of the FCI papered White Swiss Shepherd. The WSSCA began in 2014 as a not-for-profit corporation to act as custodian of the breed in the United States.

The Club has a number of goals:

  1. To preserve and support the White Swiss Shepherd Dog, as a breed distinct and unique breed unto itself, as described by the Fédération Cynologique Internationalé breed standard, number 347.
  2. Ensure the future health of the breed by maintaining a health database of breed stock and determining applicable health testing to be done by breeders to ensure healthy progeny, and monitoring genetic diversity within the breed.
  3. Create and support a reliable breed registry of the White Swiss Shepherd.
  4. Act as a resource of history, husbandry, and breeding information for owners, prospective owners, and breeders of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog by providing educational tools in multiple media outlets for optimal public access.
  5. Provide venues for those with interest in the White Swiss Shepherd Dog to exchange information.
  6. Provide a source for finding a mentor, or to become a mentor, for those interested in learning more about owning WSSDs.
  7. Promote White Swiss Shepherd rescue.